About Xllusion

Xllusion is an independent digital platform consultancy based in London. We specialise in Flash & Flex development, rich Internet application (RIA), viral game, rich media banner and web technologies.

We now offer house ads and permanent ads placement on our popular Android Live Wallpapers, increase your products or services exposure.

We believe "digital" is the tendency in the future. Thus, we focus on digital marketing strategy, design and production. We only think and do digitally as this is what our strength rely on. We provide concept, design, development and hosting depending on clients’ needs.

To fulfil clients’ goals and satisfy users’ needs are the most important for us. Our goal is to provide above quality services with additional care on researching clients’ and users’ needs to deliver a successful and innovative product for our clients.

Android Mobile Ads

Increase your products or services exposure by placing static ads on our popular Android Live Wallpapers with 1.5m+ impressions per day, please contact us for pricing.

Flash & Flex Development

Rich Internet experience is a must with modern websites and we integrate rich Flash or Flex user interfaces with any backend technologies like PHP, .NET and XML etc....

Rich Internet Application

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) like finance trading platform and eBay desktop, offer a rich, engaging experience that improves user satisfaction and increases productivity. RIAs can be deployed across Internet, Intranet and desktops (using Adobe Air runtime).

Flash Game and Banner

Flash viral game and rich media banner are the best way to maximum your product exposures and bring your business brand to next level.

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We would like to chat to you. So if you have any enquiries, please use the form below to contact us, we will reply you back as soon as possible, thank you.